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School Readiness

Positive transitions from Early Learning to the School Environment

Our designed learning framework actively prepares children for a school environment on a daily basis. Our educators deliver tailored concepts through teachable lessons in line with The Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage One Australian Syllabus.


Focused, active and reflective programs for each child

Our Grow Curriculum maximises each child's learning in a supportive and stimulating environment. It is where children and our educators engage in a wide range of focused learning areas which are designed to encourage early learning skills and a foundation for future success in learning.


Physical fitness, integral to wellbeing and self-confidence

Our Explore Curriculum excites children's learning of physical fitness. Our tailored program is designed and organised for all children to engage in quality experiences that enhance the development of skills in both our built and natural environments.


Positivity in mind, body and soul

Our program promotes children’s confidence, energy and encourages a holistic lifestyle with connectedness of mind, body and spirit.


Where everyone belongs

Our Embrace Curriculum captures all diverse experiences perspectives and expectations which each child, family and educator brings to our service.


Becoming environmentally responsible

Our curriculum is actively designed to engage children to become environmentally responsible in contributing to a sustainable future. Using senses to explore natural environments and accessing natural features of our service such as edible garden beds, rainwater tanks and our very own organic chicken coop's, set the platform for children and educators to learn and explore sustainable practices.

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