Curriculum - Kindikids ELC - Edensor Park, Five Dock & Ryde Childcare


We deliver a high-quality program based on an approved learning framework tailored to the needs of each individual child. We provide a variety of learning opportunities for children to explore and discover across our varying curriculums which include:

Wellness Curriculum Health & Safety

Fosters children’s learning and understanding of healthy lifestyles, nutrition, safety, mindfulness & wellbeing. This curriculum intentionally teaches children the concepts & skills of what it means to be safe and healthy, within all contexts at home, school & other environments. The purpose of this curriculum is to foster children’s awareness & understanding and support them with the skills and autonomy to make positive health related decisions.


Nurture Curriculum Environment & Sustainability

Designed to promote children’s engagement with the natural environment, guide them on how to be environmentally responsible and support them to contribute to a sustainable future. This curriculum embeds a hands-on approach to learning, where children can use their senses whilst exploring the natural features and environments of our Centres, explore local environmental concepts & be actively involved in sustainability practices and strategies.


Imagine Curriculum Literacy & Drama

Introduces children to the world of literature, literacy and drama. This curriculum combines the concepts of literacy and drama through play-based experience, to promote self-awareness & expression, understanding of the world around them and life-long skills. This is achieved by fostering children’s ability to take on roles or characters in drama, create & share stories, re-enact narratives, communication confidently with others & listen effectively, supports their confidence & ability to build relationships, social & emotional development.


Embrace Curriculum Inclusiveness & Diversity

Focuses on inclusiveness and diversity and explores the principles respect, acknowledgement, valuing others & celebrate individualities & embracing the experiences and abilities of all. This curriculum showcases events and celebrations that positively represent how everyone is unique and similarities and differences shape who
we are.


Create Curriculum Music, Movement & Visual Art

Offers children an avenue for free expression & creativity through a music, movement & visual arts focus. This curriculum is designed to allow children the opportunity to showcase their creativity, captivate their imagination holistically through various mediums that embraces their mind, body & soul. Children will learn and development a deeper sense of self & the world around them.


Celebrate Curriculum Cultural Events & Celebrations

Captures the cultural uniqueness & diversity of all individuals through annual celebration of the key cultural event or festivities that are significant to those part of the Kindikids community. All individuals, including children, families & staff are encouraged to showcase their special traditions, heritage & cultural background. This curriculum is driven by the principles of inclusion, respect, acceptance, and embracement.


Explore Curriculum Outdoor Environments

Facilitates children’s learning of physical fitness. Our tailored program is designed and organised for children to engage in quality experiences that enhance the development of skills in both built and natural environments.


Grow Curriculum Indoor Environment

Maximises each child’s learning in a supportive and stimulating environment. Children and Educators engage in a wide range of focused learning areas which are designed to encourage early learning skills and provide a foundation for future success in learning.


School Readiness Curriculum Transition To School

Designed to actively prepare children for the transition to school. Our Educators deliver tailored concepts through teachable lessons in line with the Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Early Stage One Australian Syllabus. Our Pre-schoolers complete School Readiness on a daily basis which families can accompany via our KindiView application.