Workshops for families - Kindikids ELC - Edensor Park, Five Dock & Ryde Childcare


Kindikids offers a number of family workshops designed to foster knowledge share and support relationships with families.

Kindergarten Information Evening

Transitioning from Preschool to Kindergarten is a major milestone for children and parents alike! At Kindikids, we run annual workshops where we welcome guest speakers from local schools who present information to families on School Readiness and share information about what to expect on the how families can best prepare and support their child/ren’s transition to Primary School.

Kindikids ELC are committed to networking with local schools within our community to collaborate to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing. We endeavour to support and facilitate continuity of learning and transitions for each family.


Behavioural Challenges & Strategies Workshops

At Kindikids, we recognise that children can go through phases where they demonstrate challenging or uncharacteristic behaviours. As carers, you can often find yourself wondering “is this normal?”, “should I be worried”, “what should I do?”. Fear not! You are not alone.

We partner with industry experts who specialise in areas such as Children’s Development & Behavioural Management and support by delivering workshops (either in person or virtual) offering families the opportunity to develop techniques, strategies and further their knowledge on children behaviour.