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Why Choose Kindikids

25+ years’ experience in delivering exceeding quality education and care
100+ passionate, dedicated, and qualified staff.

We offer comprehensive all-inclusive extra-curricular activities and incursions
We have a structured approach to learning and school readiness
We are constantly striving to improve our support, care & education services!


Educator Qualifications, Skills & Commitment

Our highly skilled and qualified team of educators are provided with regular and ongoing training and support to ensure that their skills and educational program and practice provide the best care and support to children. Staff wellbeing is paramount at Kindikids.

Kindikids educators and staff all have relevant qualifications with staff varying from trainee through to degree qualified. We are a passionate team with a genuine interest in childrens wellbeing and education!

We are proud to confirm that staff tenure at Kindikids is exceptional, with numerous educators that have been with Kindikids in excess of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years!! We believe in taking care of our team, so they, in turn, can take care of the children and families associated with the Kindikids community!

Our Team

63-2 Fay & George Costi Approved Providers & Founding Owners

Founding owners and Approved Providers, Fay and George Costi have proudly owned and operated Kindikids Early Learning Centres for over two decades. With true passion, commitment, and integrity towards offering the highest level of education, care and service to children, families, and the community alike, Fay and George believe in striving for excellence in everything they do. Their number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of the children. Giving children the best start in life in an environment where they feel a sense of belonging, are always happy, safe and protected is something Fay and George never compromise and hold very dear to their hearts.

untitled-design-8 Vanessa Mostyn General Manager

Vanessa has a wealth of experience across many sectors, including Early Childhood and Vocational Education. She has held senior management roles for over 20 years and brings with her proven experience in business strategy, operations and compliance whilst ensuring the foundations are built on quality. Dedicated to excellence, respect, quality, safety and trust, she brings a vision that will see Kindikids continuously improve, and grow, whilst maintaining its commitment to providing excellence for the Kindikids families and the team. Optimistic to her core, you will find Vanessa placing children at the centre of every decision, questioning why and exploring the best outcomes for all.

48-3 Georgia Stavropoulos Operations Manager

Georgia has been a shining star at Kindikids ELC since 2004. Georgia originally joined Kindikids as a Diploma qualified Educator and quickly worked her way through the ranks, having held the role of Operations Manager for over a decade. Georgia oversees the organisational activities of the business and provides direction and support to the team. Kind natured with deep rooted experience at Kindikids, Georgia is an expert at all aspects of Kindikids. Becoming a mum for the first time in 2020 has allowed Georgia to further deepen her connection to the Child Care sector and increase her passion towards children’s development and growth in addition to the rewarding role parents play in childrens development.

49-2 Maria Costi Assistant Operations Man. & Nominated Supervisor

Maria joined Kindikids in 2013 while obtaining her Bachelor of Education (Birth to 12 years) at Macquarie University. Throughout her tenure with Kindikids Maria has held the roles of Educator, Centre Manager, Educational Leader and in 2020 was appointed as the Assistant Operations Manager. Her role involves focusing on supporting business operations and offering guidance across all Kindikids Centres. Maria is passionate about educational program and practice and believes in offering children creative and engaging learning opportunities. Constantly striving for excellence, Maria thinks outside the box and is passionate about all things Kindikids! Fun fact, Maria attended Kindikids as a child, so you could say it is her home away from home. On the weekend, Maria loves the outdoors, travelling and spending time with her loved ones.

50-2 Juliana Arakaki Marketing Manager

Highly skilled and qualified Juliana holds a Bachelor of Marketing & Advertising and is three times diploma qualified in areas including Leadership & Management; International Marketing; International Business, in addition to being a Certificate III Educator. Juliana joined Kindikids in a dual capacity as both Educator and Marketing Officer. It didn’t take long for Juliana’s passion & skills to shine where she was quickly appointed to a full-time role in Marketing. Responsible for social media, visual branding, content creation, marketing management, and so much more, Juliana spends her days working closely with the team to help execute the business vision and showcase the passion the team share towards quality education. In her down time, she enjoys painting, photography, and spending time with those near and dear to her.

51-2 Melisa McPhillips Centre Manager & Nominated Supervisor

Melisa joined Kindikids in 2013 as a Diploma qualified Educator and has held the position of Centre Manager and Nominated Supervisor since 2019. Originally joining the team as an educator allowed Melisa to gain hands on skills and knowledge about the day-to-day operations and establish a strong rapport with children and families. Mel is passionate about creating inspiring environments and experiences which promote learning. She loves helping children achieve their goals and seeing the positive impact that this has on both the child and family dynamic. Melisa has a friendly and easy-going nature; in her time off she enjoys travelling and spending time with family.

52-2 Glen Trigg Second in Charge

Glen joined Kindikids in 2010, throughout his tenure with Kindikids he has held positions including Educator, Room Leader, Second in Charge and Centre Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and enjoys working closely with children and families to set and achieve goals. A testament to his skills, knowledge and abilities, Glen is often the go-to person for staff and families requiring support. With a warm and welcoming disposition, Glen strives to be approachable at all times. Having attended Kindikids as a child Glen has a strong affinity with the Kindikids community; having come full circle, he now works alongside many educators that played pivotal roles in his early years learning.

53-2 Tina Harrison Centre Manager & Nominated Supervisor

Tina joined Kindikids in 2006 as a Certificate III qualified educator and continued to study throughout her employment to receive a Diploma of Early Childhood. Since joining Kindikids, Tina has held positions including Educator, Second in Charge, and in 2013 was appointed as Centre Manager and Nominated Supervisor. Tina is passionate about supporting children’s growth and development and enjoys building and maintaining strong relationships with children, families, and staff. Tina is a hard worker with meticulous attention to detail. In her down time, she enjoys being a social butterfly at gatherings, travelling and spending time at the beach.

54-2 Ana Maria Gago Second in Charge

Ana Maria has been a key member of the Kindikids team for over two decades. Originally joining the team in its infancy in 1998, Ana Maria has held a myriad of roles including Educator, Room Leader, Second in Charge and Centre Manager. Diploma qualified, she is passionate about working closely with families, children, and educators to ensure that their needs and wants are met. Ana Maria enjoys spontaneously presenting experiences to children that spark a sense of awe and wonder; watching children grow and progress to the next stage of their development. She enjoys mentoring new educators and offering guidance and support to families and children. A constant pillar of strength, knowledge, and passion; Ana Maria embodies the values and beliefs of Kindikids. In her down time, she enjoys travelling and engaging in activities that promote selfcare.

55-2 Sandrine Quach Centre Manager & Nominated Supervisor

Sandrine joined Kindikids in 1999, proving to be a pivotal member of the Kindkids team. Sandrine is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with profound knowledge and experience in the early childhood education and care sector; tailored to Kindikids. Sandrine holds the role of Educational Leader across all Edensor Park Centres in addition to Centre Manager and Nominated Supervisor at Centre 3. Sandrine is gentle natured and kind, with an unwavering commitment to fostering happiness. Sandrine is a proud mum whose son is a Kindikids graduate. Sandrine aims to please and strives to maintain quality education and service for children, families, and staff alike. With strong family values, Sandrine enjoys spending time with her immediate and extended family outside work.

untitled-design-2 Natasha Luongo Acting Second in Charge

Natasha joined Kindikids in 2016 as a trainee completing her certificate III and continued to further her skills and knowledge by completing a diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Throughout her years, Natasha has worked across all three Edensor Park Kindikids services and has experience in Nursery, Toddler and Preschool rooms. After eight years as an educator, Natasha was promoted to the position of Acting Second In Charge. Natasha loves working alongside children to help shape their inquisitive minds and encourage their curiosity. Outside of work, Natasha loves spending time with her family and travelling the world.

untitled-design-4-2 Judy Saad Acting Centre Manager & Nominated Supervisor

Judy has been in early childhood since 2009, initially commencing as a casual cook at her children’s own childhood centre where she quickly realised her passion for education. Within her first 3 years, she immersed herself in studies, completing her Certificate III qualification, followed by her Diploma qualification and further courses exploring this new found passion. Since then, Judy has now achieved 14 years’ experience in roles as Room Leader, Second-in Charge and her most recent role as a Centre Manager for 6 years, all of which have shaped her own pedagogy and philosophy. She believes that all children having the right to early childhood education and has a strong interest in supporting children with diverse needs and their families. Judy’s connections within the local community and Kindikids family found her taking on the role of Centre Manager at Ryde in 2023. She has joined in the achievements of the centre, and continues to share her passion, knowledge and expertise with the Team and community.

untitled-design-1 Kristina Nascone Acting Second in Charge

Kristina has been in early childhood since 2016 and started at Kindikids in 2018 as a Diploma qualified educator in the Toddlers room. Her natural leadership qualities have seen Kristina move from Room Leader in both the Toddler and Nursery rooms, to Acting Second in Charge. Willing to assist wherever she can Kristina has also stepped into the role of cook when needed. She believes a successful learning environment for children to thrive is created through positive relationships between educators, children and their families and enjoys watching the children progress in different areas of their development each day. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Join The Team

Are you passionate about Early Childhood Education & Care? Want to join a team of skilled and dedicated professionals? At Kindikids we are always looking to welcome committed professionals into our team!

We are committed to our team; to show our ongoing commitment we offer a range of staff benefits including competitive salaries, career and development opportunities, excellent working conditions and a wide variety of financial and non-financial benefits. When you join the Kindikids ELC team, you become an integral part of a community in which you are fully supported.

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